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Artemova Dar'ya Igorevna, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of justice, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The development of all sectors of the economy, innovation and investment is impossible without proper, duly designed and effective regulations. The article reflects the vector course of innovation strategy of the authorized system of the Penza region, consistent with the current legislation. For the sustainable development of innovation policy it is necessary to have a well-oriented investment, innovation legislation and regional legal framework. The priority tasks of investment in the region, as an important component of the strategic framework of the statutory system.
Materials and methods. To determine the factors of dynamic development of economic and investment strategy of Penza region. Now in the region growth of indicators of activity in the field of instrument making and mechanical engineering, the food and pulp and paper industry, production of construction materials is observed. Methods: formal-logical, comparative legal, linguistic.
Results. It was determined that Penza region belongs to the regions with high industrial, investment and innovation potential. Currently, in the region there is an active development of instrumentation and engineering, food and pulp and paper industry, production of building materials.
Conclusions. For sustainable development of innovation policy, it is necessary to have a clearly oriented investment and innovation legislation that defines the legal, economic, social conditions and forms of additional support for investment activities in the Penza region, the procedure for its provision, as well as the foundations of legal regulation. 

Key words

statutory legislation, innovations, investment activity, property, state, economy, foundations of the statutory system 

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